The one kind thing I'll do...

********is set you FREE...********
"Strong women intimidate boys, but excite men."
... let's have you dance for your mistress upon that deliciously blurry little line, and suffer the sweetest exhilaration of self-discovery.

A modest confession... I am a vampyre, an erotic priestess of the highest order, untouchable, sweet, condescending, aloof, quite adorable, elegant, demanding, sensually sadistic, and oh so amused by all the cutest weaknesses boys just like you find so compulsive and compelling.

As the head of a cult of carefully selected, vampyric priestesses and Our human property, I welcome new supplicants to join and feed Our ranks. Blood has no interest for us. No, we seek the energy connection of power exchange, of endless devotion expressed in the gesture of your lips to Our polished toenails, and the artistry of weaving the perfect web onto which your helpless limbs might cling everlastingly.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Where all the Ladies at?

The destruction of salacious surfing... Woe to you, slaves, if you were spoiled in previous times by websites awash with photos of minxy mistresses. Woe do you, I say, because we've all faced the hard times of SESTA. What is this, you might be asking? This last year, our ironically most hooker friendly prez in years, has signed in measures to crack down on human trafficking. We all can agree that human trafficking is evil, yes. But SESTA, or the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, might be doing more to create terrifyingly unknown levels of human trafficking, as previously self-employed, independent adult entertainers are thrust back into not choosing their own clientele and sharing their hard earned income in the shady bowels of massage parlors and whore houses. I find this sad.

But what about the internet? What it has done to us, is make it virtually impossible for any good looking woman to get even a totally personal dating profile on any BDSM matchmaking service. I've been looking for someone to come to my place, bring some sushi, push a broom around in a pair of panties, rub my feet, and be a good, general house slave, ever since this damned bill, only to have every single personal ad rejected! What if I'm a good looking domme who thinks the best husband for me would most definitely be an open minded, kinky, hot slaveboy?!?!?

As I browse these sites, now populated disproportionately by men, I wonder how long this situation will continue. And this begs the question of what men do without access to prodommes, anyway?
More to come on this topic...

Friday, February 16, 2018


A Girl's gotta have friends, right?

Someone to paint nails with, talk about boys with, sip a little wine with, watch chick flicks with, hotly shame and humiliate male slaves with, force them into sensual submission and psychodramatic slavery with, demand the most interesting, twisted, and strange forms of service with.... you know, girl stuff like that.

THESE are just a few of My sweetest friends and Conspirators, around perhaps, if you ask quite nicely:

Hypnotic Evilena - With her volumes of experience, Goddess Evilena will have no problems bending your weak will to her own advantage! Role play specialist, science nerd, and mind control expert, and you haven't seen her curves yet.

Lady Lethe - Fetish Icon and rubber model, Lady Lethe believes in complete control. THE source for heavy rubber sessions in Florida, this statuesque goddess enjoys the company of enthusiasts. She also loves good company with an obedient slave at Her feet.

Cherry Fyre - Is learning the art of domination... Possessing a lethal black belt in martial arts and also an experienced energy worker, she's a pixie of perdition!!!

Golden Persephone - A true goddess and lovely person in every imaginable way! Mistress Goldi relies on life experience and years of training in psychology when She tops, for a unique experience.
Mistress Morgan - Tall, busty, and always up for a great time at the dungeon, this lady loves to play, loves to domme, loves to switch, and most especially, make you her bitch!

Scary Mary - Empress of EVOL - need we say more?

Lady Monica - Classy, capricious, and cunning, she already has your name engraved on the lock. My hands down favorite for doubles...unbelievable.

Miss Justine - NYC - Do you dare to endure what she demands of you? Or does that amazing ass say "spank me"????

Tiara Tango - Sensual Sorceress of the dark arts, she never seems to forget her sense of humor. Great for beginners, and she can teach you yoga while she's bending you into odd positions.

Goddess Destiny, the Golden Glamazon - Soft, Sensual, and Sweet, She's not afraid to use that boxing training under the right, or wrong conditions. Pegging artist and enthusiast... hmmm...

Mistress Mona, a.k.a Monalicious - there can only be ONE. This woman has a milking machine, a Sybian, and a baaaaaaaaaaaad attitude. Watch out!

Thursday, February 15, 2018


So with all this knocking around of comments, requests, demands, pleadings, and the deepest desires of the male populace, I believe we simply have no other choice but to relaunch


for those of you as of yet unfortunately unaware of this magnificently depraved CFNM experience, read on. This party is truly special.... a dream of mine, in fact, borne of the many frustrations we've all endured in every other event we've ever attended. It relies on one very fundamental rule of living:
This means, that if you create an experience according to the standard formula, expect mediocre results.
So, after spending so many a night lurking about in supposed femdom events long long ago, analytically probing the moments which just seem to snatch the fun from what should be a raucous and debaucherous good time, it occurred to Me that My TRUE FEMDOM DUNGEON DREAM was to see what might be done to INVERT THE SYSTEM... How could I craft what would be a SLAVEPIT STYLE shindig, where ALL the men are MERE PROPERTY, to be stripped down and trussed up at Our feverish, fem-maniacal whims!?!?!

Tell us more, you say... Well, slaves, some of you already know... I've received many messages about the hoped return of this special party. Though much time has passed since the last one, it was never far from My heart, and it's hard to see anyone who attended one without some raunchy reminiscence. As time trickled by and our old promoter broke off to her own projects, I wondered how I might organize these fine-ass kittens I call friends into something that lived up to My perverted fantasies. So many of My girlfriends and I are true vampyres, lusting for sensual life force, and there is NO better way for us to find this, than at the center of your servile attention. How can we make these pet-men entertain us, amuse us, thrill us, and connect in a world free from the artificial trappings of common society? Deprive them of their clothes, I say. Lock up their things. This means no pants, no wallets, 


In order to attend this event, you will be expected to take part in a phone interview, be expected to secure your ticket in advance, and be expected to demonstrate that you are the kind of guy that a gang of hot, sophisticated, fun, evil, goddessy, and predatory Women would find pleasurable.

Are you Ready?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How to UNDERSTAND a Scorpio Woman Part two

Chilling.... a very interesting analysis.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

FETISH FACTORY Anniversary Weekend is finally upon us AND ITS DUNGEON TIME :)

So welcome, My creatures of the night, to the bustling and busiest weekend of the year down in the steamy south, the Fetish Factory Anniversary Weekend Extravaganza. Each and every year, our friends at the iconic FF put on one hell of a wild, only-party-warriors-survive weekend of debauchery, shiny clothes, and beautiful people. As a South Florida dominatrix, lifestyle player, Erotic Enchantress, and Kinky Priestess of Perversion, this is a party I look forward to for quite a long time leading up to the event, planning and plotting my outfits, wondering whom I'll meet, polishing my latex, and sharpening my fangs.

This year, there has been an interesting change in policy at the hotel, so I've been told by the powers that be: to encourage sisters of the same professional propensities to conduct their domination interludes off site, and anyone talking to Glenn will likely get a suggestion to look me up. Why? Prodomme frustrations half a dozen years ago focused on a place to meet slaves, and not finding a fully equipped private dungeon to rent led me to mobilize my handy skills, slaves, lovers, and friends to construct a uniquely well set up private space to bring my fantasies to reality! It so happens I have a fully equipped professionally geared private dungeon just a few exits down the road from the Westin host hotel. That's right, it's freaking CLOSE..right off Oakland Park Blvd and 95. Perhaps a whole 5-7 minutes away.

Believe me, I grasp the convenience of sessioning in your room. Convenient digs, and the it's freaky all over that wonderous kinky hotel, but truth be told, I built a studio of my own because I've always absolutely loathed hotel sessions.. the lighting is bleh, stuff's happening on right on your hotel bed and furniture, and you have to bring all your toys for every imaginable scenario. What if you forgot something? Do you want this stranger near all your stuff? I never feel all that sexy evil in a's not an inspiring environment for dark, kinky, mind fuck games. Personally, I like a little atmosphere to go with my kink. Personally, I like steel crosses and freaky furniture. Personally, I like a plethora of props and options for any scenario. Personally, I like the freak factor of a succubus studio.

My private studio is so lovingly crafted, with old world charm and sleek modern ambiance, creative lighting special stuff, and a considerable arsenal of toys, props, and tools, that I never advertise it. Respectful and respectable pros, mature, intelligent, trustworthy individuals are my preferred momentary dungeon mates and renters, as I love my place and only share it selectively. However, Glenn requested I offer availability and I feel it's worth the added effort to meet with those with whom I might truly enjoy a face to face encounter... I always enjoy meeting powerful women!

So feel free to contact me either via email ( or on fetlife as BellaDemonne, feel free to ask me questions, and feel free to meet me poolside this weekend with a cocktail and a desire to take your hotel-bound sessioning to a higher level with my warehouse ceiling and power winch!


Spanking Bench
Padded Horse
Medical/Exam Bed
Power Winch
Corner Cell
Gorilla Cage
Custom Smother Box
Steel St Andrews Cross
Sturdy Traditional Cross (+industrial plastic wrap :)
Open-Bottom Seats
Wrestling Mats
Two Fully Separate Themed Rooms!
Cross Dressing Cabinet with Lingerie, Wigs, Shoes, Accessories
Beautiful Victorian Domestic Parlor, perfect for Goddess Worship, Traditional Discipline, Crossdressing, Lounging, Bitch Bossing, Sweet Talking, and Sissymaking
Toys, Paddles, Floggers, Giant Bananas, Powertools, Props, Goodies, and Safety Supplies! 
TWO ENTRANCES and parking areas (one for You and one for slave!)
CONVENIENT AS ALL HECK - just minutes down the road from both Westin and FF, easy to find right off the highway, completely discrete, in a commercial industrial district far from residential areas, nosy neighbors, and any kind of hassle.

This is one of the finest private pro play dungeons available in the area, to the best of my own dear humble opinion. It's set up for this kind of thing (you can bring just your outfit and a devious smile!), and it's also great for photos and filming :)

Monday, November 21, 2016

A Fall Update for the Goddess' pets

Ahhhhhh pets, the holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is upon us. I look forward to sinking my fangs into a lovely turkey stuffed personally by my friend Alise de Sade.

Despite the fact that I haven't aged in years ;) I nonetheless am celebrating My birthday throughout the month. As you know, I'm just a hot, dominant, Scorpion Arachnid from the Planet Leather. Any and all gifts and donations, which will most definitely be lustfully squandered on things I adore, are most welcome from any of My loyal and beloved minions. If you believe this includes you, I'm drooling over some sexy little items on ebay, so paypal or gift cards will apply directly to custom latex dresses there! Maybe all this fitness and body perfection can have its moment in a skintight rubber manbait dress, or one of those slinky little meshy body stockings. 

And naturally, you can come and pay respects to the Goddess in person. I love the intensity of sadistic sensuality, but also am notorious for soaking up a great massage, submissive servitude, anything related to My glorious feet getting pampered, and intellectual conversation. 

I've also been tinkering with the notion Domination Dates, which is a fabulously fun diversion unto itself. I'm discreet in My methodology. There's nothing as hot as sitting across a dinner or cocktail table with a strappy high heel teasing the leg of a boy squeezed into the most forbidden little panties under his fake normal man clothes. Being served in public is a rush for Me, and even in it's most secretive packages, the thrill always leads to a hot wind up at the end of the night, because back at the dungeon, it's time to take what's MINE. Nervous yet? Now imagine being at the helpless mercy of two unbelievably hot women! These adventures have always been more fun than anybody predicted, so I invite anyone with a little extra time in Fort Lauderdale to give it a try. I won't tell you what We demand in tribute here, but because these are so fun for everybody, I do My best to offer flat rates and excellent offers. Same goes for extended sessions in the dungeon!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Do you believe in Destiny?

There comes a moment in every red-blooded guy's life that he comes across one of those Supergirl Sheena of the Jungle bombshell types, with skyscraper legs, powerful bells and whistles, deep blue eyes, and those full expressive lips, causing him to wonder to himself, "wow, what if anybody knows how bad I want this unbelievable goddess to push me up against a wall and tell me that if I don't willingly please her, she'll break me...I...I... I'd have to do what she says. Oh no... is that a boner? yesssss....fuck. I'm such a bitch."

Well boys, here's your chance, because my friend Mistress Destiny is breaking into formal domination and we're showing her the ropes!
Not to say she doesn't have experience with some things... shes's modeled her entire life, and trained in martial arts, so she'll look good during a bondage take down. Ever dreamed of being ravished, toyed with, raped, tricked, manipulated, and twisted into the sexiest situation ever imagined? This is her favorite role play. Maybe being intimidated onto the ground by a woman who looks like a stacked Kim Basinger and nectared upon as you writhe in anticipation and delight? Told if you don't prove you're a bitch by putting those panties on, she'll prove it by kicking your ass? And she's unbelievably sensual, too, so whatever becomes of you at this point....oh my and Eeeed Gad, I'm getting excited. It's like the Supervillain Dieties bestowed me with the hottest henchwoman ever imagined, just to hold you still while I have my evil ways with you.