The one kind thing I'll do...

is offer a little insight on what goes on in My devious world, for all those who seem so hungry for the table-scraps. I am a South Florida Dominatrix. I have a particularly wild life, in and out of the dungeon. If contacting ME has become a compulsion which you can no longer resist, send email to, or find me as GoddessBella on for more pics, and see whether you can arrange an opportunity to try and be OWNED by ME. After an initial email or two to see if we're a good fit, I'll provide you with my phone number to talk and see what you have to say for yourself!

Yes, as wild as these stories are, they are ALL based on real encounters. I ONLY write with approval of the other participants and/or in a way as to maintain total anonymity. They are REAL, though. I may be one of the wildest women around, and frequently find myself thinking that my adventures are too good to keep entirely to myself!

Monday, November 21, 2016

A Fall Update for the Goddess' pets

Ahhhhhh pets, the holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is upon us. I look forward to sinking my fangs into a lovely turkey stuffed personally by my friend Alise de Sade.

Despite the fact that I haven't aged in years ;) I nonetheless am celebrating My birthday throughout the month. As you know, I'm just a hot, dominant, Scorpion Arachnid from the Planet Leather. Any and all gifts and donations, which will most definitely be lustfully squandered on things I adore, are most welcome from any of My loyal and beloved minions. If you believe this includes you, I'm drooling over some sexy little items on ebay, so paypal or gift cards will apply directly to custom latex dresses there! Maybe all this fitness and body perfection can have its moment in a skintight rubber manbait dress, or one of those slinky little meshy body stockings. 

And naturally, you can come and pay respects to the Goddess in person. I love the intensity of sadistic sensuality, but also am notorious for soaking up a great massage, submissive servitude, anything related to My glorious feet getting pampered, and intellectual conversation. 

I've also been tinkering with the notion Domination Dates, which is a fabulously fun diversion unto itself. I'm discreet in My methodology. There's nothing as hot as sitting across a dinner or cocktail table with a strappy high heel teasing the leg of a boy squeezed into the most forbidden little panties under his fake normal man clothes. Being served in public is a rush for Me, and even in it's most secretive packages, the thrill always leads to a hot wind up at the end of the night, because back at the dungeon, it's time to take what's MINE. Nervous yet? Now imagine being at the helpless mercy of two unbelievably hot women! These adventures have always been more fun than anybody predicted, so I invite anyone with a little extra time in Fort Lauderdale to give it a try. I won't tell you what We demand in tribute here, but because these are so fun for everybody, I do My best to offer flat rates and excellent offers. Same goes for extended sessions in the dungeon!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Do you believe in Destiny?

There comes a moment in every red-blooded guy's life that he comes across one of those Supergirl Sheena of the Jungle bombshell types, with skyscraper legs, powerful bells and whistles, deep blue eyes, and those full expressive lips, causing him to wonder to himself, "wow, what if anybody knows how bad I want this unbelievable goddess to push me up against a wall and tell me that if I don't willingly please her, she'll break me...I...I... I'd have to do what she says. Oh no... is that a boner? yesssss....fuck. I'm such a bitch."

Well boys, here's your chance, because my friend Mistress Destiny is breaking into formal domination and we're showing her the ropes!
Not to say she doesn't have experience with some things... shes's modeled her entire life, and trained in martial arts, so she'll look good during a bondage take down. Ever dreamed of being ravished, toyed with, raped, tricked, manipulated, and twisted into the sexiest situation ever imagined? This is her favorite role play. Maybe being intimidated onto the ground by a woman who looks like a stacked Kim Basinger and nectared upon as you writhe in anticipation and delight? Told if you don't prove you're a bitch by putting those panties on, she'll prove it by kicking your ass? And she's unbelievably sensual, too, so whatever becomes of you at this point....oh my and Eeeed Gad, I'm getting excited. It's like the Supervillain Dieties bestowed me with the hottest henchwoman ever imagined, just to hold you still while I have my evil ways with you.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

CROSSDRESSING. A perverted commentary on "what it means to Me"

I began crossdressing boys at a naughtily young age. No, tender panty-wearing readers, it's not clear if the reason for such a thing might be my acceptance of gender equanimity, or maybe the fact I really wanted a sister, or perhaps oh perhaps I might lust after the gender switch, myself. But I did it, and I inflicted it on ANY boy who could be duped or forced into such a role, dancing in My most ruffly nightgowns, Easter dresses, and made to ape as well as they could through all ways girly to the tune of My sole entertainment. Make shift stages were the platform, and imaginary scenarios of all types utilized. As a teenager just before graduation, my well hung boyfriend was more than willing to comply. I told his grandmother he got dressed up with me, and she found it "adorable". He was adorable, in fact, exceedingly more adorable like that in my eyes than as a lowly normal boy, and what ensued, I'm certain, has him squeezing his bulge into panties til this very day.

All I know, is that panties are SUCH a powerful symbol, and the tiniest, the laciest, the sluttiest panties, vended in stripper-marts and shopping meccas for loose women, daintily stitched together for the most bimbolicious of harlots, for airheaded boy-riders, gold-digging goddesses, and all those delicious girls with feet molded to the shape of their high heeled slippers... THOSE are the panties that make me dizzy in all the blood pumping ways that pound through a man's mind in the conventional sense. And guess what? YOU'RE the bimbo. 

I have so many panties at my place, there's something for everyone, every sized package, all flavors of naughtiness...and I even love the idea of more panties showing up... like a guy, I get a thrill seeing something new. Bring me a thrill, and see me smile.

Yes, some savor the most humiliating scenarios of sissy role play, being excoriated and emasculated, torn down, verbally handcuffed to a vacuum, or reduced to a phallus-worshiping nymphomaniac, a pantied-puddle under my glossy red pumps.

But for every one of these, there must be an endless variety, at all possible levels of experience from delectably boyish beginners to seasoned slave-sluts, for so many utterly light and fun escapades into the gender unknown, and featuring every type of relaxing amusement imaginable - champagne glasses balanced on silver trays, dancing, relaxing, creative eroticism, fun humiliation, sensual serving, beginner sissy training, and experiencing life very much a way I'd pour over a sexy, prized slave girl. It takes me back to the past, and is just such a natural thing that the playtime flows poetically. Just a few pieces of well targeted lingerie can transform any man to his inner, instant service slave, cumslut or sissyslut aching to please his mistress.

Panties imbue a former-man's eyes with the most delightfully soft gaze of compliance. All is at peace in the world, and I expect My wine and cheese served to Me and My gorgeous friends with all the decadent trimmings. If performed well, it's not impossible that you might be called on to serve in some way as dessert. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Balls to the Wall.... we just can't get enough! Early OCTOBER Party!

Keep your eyes peeled and your banana poised, because B2W is so addictive, we're plotting and planning another one! Kink, dear slaves, can become a strrrrrrooooong compulsion for all of us.

This last one featured all our dear friends and some hot new mysterious dommes.... long tresses, sexy fantasy masquerade masks, tight corsets, oh my. Tiara Tango swept through the early end of the party and challenged the CF half of the protocol ;) My personal pet entertained the ladies as Mr Ringtoss, to the amusement of all. Goddess Evilena showed the entire world how magically adroit she is at simultaneously owning three slaves in a hot cacophony of turned on, tormented groans.

Every time I hear someone tell me they've traveled the country and attended myriad dungeon parties, but OURS is the BEST they've ever experienced, I smile, the inner villainess man-trainer in me smiles, and the femmefatale boy toy-er within grins oh so broadly. 

"Yes? Really? Are there any others that are at least similar?", I ask. 
"Well, there was one in LA that was sort of similar, but you girls know how to have a much better time. You're the real thing! It was just much better. I'll definitely be back."

Ahhhhhh.... yes, cute old timer fun experienced slave.... you shall be right back here at the mercy of Our wildwomanish, wanton whims and ways. mmmm....

Sunday, August 16, 2015

NEW Mistress Morgan....busty, real, and in possession of a dangerously hot pair of stems.

Find out what it's like to be a demo dummy, at the whim of a curious new mistress, discovering just how much you men really are the little freaks we seasoned dommes know you are... This is your chance to show My girlfriend a world she can't to sink her teeth into, learning to play fun new ditties of sadistic sensuality on the instrument of your aching, quaking, tender body. Don't worry, I'll be right there to show her. ~~~~

So my ad says... in fact, this is one of my favorite kinds of sessions, EVER. The structure itself is a simple one. We simply do a special rate double because there's an educational twist. I've offered it before and it's ridiculously fun for all of us, and I feel many of the voluntary educational dummies are fun slavies I've enjoyed tormenting before. It must be undeniably sexy to be there, strapped up on a piece of furniture while I explain in my feminine, velvety tones, "now, the human sphincter can take quite a lot of stretching with the proper techniques....but it's all about how you approach the matter, you see, if achieving true psychological ownership is also the goal..." 

New girls, especially when in their late 20's to 30-somethings, have always managed to delight me with their level of previously fettered perversity, that seems to gush out in a warm cathartic blast upon realization that freedom of expression is heartily encouraged here. Bella's Kinkstitute for Higher Perversion believes in expressionistic hands on learning :)

Mistress Morgan has a great personality, is marvelously real, and currently consumed by the desire to match her lifestyle experience to what she can discover in a place such as Mine... a place far outside the realms of conventional relationships, where some very interesting things can be explored to exciting new depths. I loved the look on her face when I told her she might end up with lots of foot rubs, leg massages, etc etc. I cannot wait to teach her about smothering, because she's practically built for the sport. I could go on here forever, or you could just call or email me to find out...

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Balls 2 the Wall is Coming Up!

And all the girls are flooding our inboxes with requests to join in on the fun!
This time, we have our customary A Team of decadently depraved dommes, plus new additions of curious coquettes and newbie nut punishers. Doesn't this sound fun?

I'll be prepping My place all day. Feel free to contact Me if you wish to help, or bring supplies and amusements! (9S4 eight eight toooooo fifty-six 76)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Princess Isobel Devi is a Dear Friend of Mine

We love to play together at each and every opportunity! She loves phallic threats, gender games, cruel teasing, and wrapping boys around her beautiful, ornately clawed little finger.