The one kind thing I'll do...

********is set you FREE...********
"Strong women intimidate boys, but excite men."
... let's have you dance for your mistress upon that deliciously blurry little line, and suffer the sweetest exhilaration of self-discovery.

A modest confession... I am a vampyre, an erotic priestess of the highest order, untouchable, sweet, condescending, aloof, quite adorable, elegant, demanding, sensually sadistic, and oh so amused by all the cutest weaknesses boys just like you find so compulsive and compelling.

As the head of a cult of carefully selected, vampyric priestesses and Our human property, I welcome new supplicants to join and feed Our ranks. Blood has no interest for us. No, we seek the energy connection of power exchange, of endless devotion expressed in the gesture of your lips to Our polished toenails, and the artistry of weaving the perfect web onto which your helpless limbs might cling everlastingly.

Friday, November 27, 2009

P A N T Y B O Y P L A Y P A R T Y NOV 29

Let's try a little exercise: Boys + High Heels + Cupcakes = ????

Ahh the magic of going somewhere and being whomever you want to be for an evening! If that person happens to be a of the girly persuasion, the Pantyboy Play Party is the place for you.

Come in for a fabulous night of getting dressed up as your alter ego... frills, stockings, heels, long hair, fake nails, mini-skirts, ruffles, lace, you name it! If you find yourself looking at lingerie in a "somewhat inappropriate way"... that is, if you'd perhaps rather wear it than anything else, this is the ultimate in fun, open, supportive environments to explore your fetish.

Doors open at 6pm (guests arrive all night long)... Deluxe private dressing space available. The night is hostessed by Myself and the divine Lady Regina  - two women who are truly passionate about pantyboys.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nothing Says Thanksgiving like Giving a Spanking

I love this time of year! It all started with Halloween, and the havoc of I raised then... Now, we are bravely marching onward toward turkeyday. My darling Lady Regina is thowing a wee event for hineewarming. If you are unsure of what in tarnation goes on at CP, this is your chance to find out! For their meager door price, you can come in, and just lurk about in the shadows while, well, while we celebrate thankfulness for corporal punishment! I'll be there, chatting and doing My usual great job of teasing crossdressers, locking people in cages, so on, so forth. Of course, I'll be spanking those who cough up a tip (that's how most of these work...haha you tip US to give you nasty service!). Frankly, I hope this is the case... not the tip part - the spanking part. Sometime between the first and fifth WHAP, this strange sensation surges from My hand, up the instrumental arm, to My head... A crack across tender white ass flesh is much like that breaking of the storm. Soft, yielding, resiliant, firm, all in one. The sound alone is enough to usually have Me craving another WHAP, and another.... and another...and another. My victim at some point starts squirming a little. And then, I hear some kind of pathetic noise... maybe a yip, or some sort of half-stifled yelp. These things only serve to drive me more mad, like appetizers to a glutton. It's amazing how much of a whipping the most tender-looking asses can take. I become an artist, the paddle or whip My tool, to make an ass, your ass, into a piece of art. MY art.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Scorpios and Stingers

Well, darlings... it's My birthday. Much to the dismay of My various downtrodden boyfriends over the years, and to the delight of My pets, with each birthday, I've become more and more Scorpio-esque.

Now look here, you foolish souls who think it wise to cross, annoy, ignore, or disappoint a Scorpio woman, well... you can take a look at something that just might explain the gravity of the situation. FYI, that little description is pretty damned close to what I happen to be. And what I happen to be is the kind of woman who likes to laugh just when the pain starts becoming so great that your body begins to tremble.

For those who wish to offer a birthday gift, contact Me for ideas... I love beautiful things, and adore presents. You could always come in for a session! This way, I can go shopping for something to really delight Me after getting to enjoy the most sincere gift: a chance to enjoy My whims with a very willing victim! Any time in Nov. is fine. A belated gift of a groveling man in a few weeks just makes the birthday fun last a little longer.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

janet and the Dolly-Machine

We all love janet! So very willing to do Our bidding at the drop of a hat!
Have I mentioned lately that I love crossdressers and sissies?

Feminine ones are hot, though the ones that really need work give Me the delightful task of correcting them, molding them, creating them...pushing them like lumps of ceramic clay into the dolly machine. What emerges is a beautiful little plaything of My own dreams and desires. So beautiful, so delicate... a creature of My Own making. Let's play tea party until it's time to go back into your box for safekeeping until next time.

janet acquisitioned a new wig in the post-Halloween costume melt-down. she was so adorably eager to try it out, and once I got started, she lost all say in the situation and put on whatever I commanded. A fine outfit was assembled from what we had available in CP's sissyroom and one of Regina's own items, and I set about feminizing janet for her pictures. she's so maleable... so innocent of all training. However, she catches on swiftly, and I believe the outcome was verrrrrrry nice.

Monday, November 2, 2009


tricia loves to come into Command Performance and is one of our party-pets.

The first Pantyboy Play Party was the best night I'd had in a while!
Lady Regina and I had Command Performance all decked out for a lovely little get-together. Doors opened at 6pm - early, because it was a Sunday, and people do have Monday lives!

Our first gurl that evening was tricia - she came in as her male self, toting a tremendous dufflebag, which was soon opened and all contents splayed across the back play area. Regina and I looked everything over, commenting as We went. Our little tricia stayed on the floor, only glancing up when the curiosity got too great. Oh how many choices for Our sweet little dolly!... Until We asked about panties and shoes. We were sold on a tiny little g-string that flaunted a very fluffy marabou feather front and a pair of soft pink patent leather little mary janes. From there, baby pink was the theme, and Our sweet little tricia looked very much like she got lost on the way to Sunday church, falling happlessly into the hands of two sadistic, perverse women out of some pulp novel cover. I loved the shoes. I loved their griplessness, and got off watching them sliding around on the wet floor as tricia had her soft sweet ass thoroughly warmed by the wrong end of a back-scratcher over a paddling bench later that night. They slid mercilessly, and despite the best efforts to grip the edges of the supporting furniture with her white satiny gloves, she faced a dual assault against both pain and the need for traction. tricia always does her best to take what the very severe Lady Regina dishes out with Her experienced hands. Her transformation in the dungeon is a complete one, bringing about a certain amount of adoration by any true domme. she's really very adorable, like some type of shy japanese snowflake that has flitted down, hiding from the burning glare of nearly all. she's silent as well... tricia does not speak, demand anything, nor get in the way, and for that, she's rewarded by Our attentions quite lavishly and very passionately.
she also makes a thorougly divine spice cake! :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween.... I was up to absolutely no good. The question was whether one could be simultaneously turned on and revolted. This is a truly important question, which it seems resurfaces again and again in the world of sensuality. For some, I wonder whether there really is any such thing as arousal without a twinge of disgust. Personally, I find myself often bouncing between the two on some level... perhaps what I find arousing, others may very well find repellent. Interesting.... n'est pas?

Monday, October 26, 2009

October 25th Pantyboy Play Party

Our first PantyboyPlayParty, or PPP, was a BLAST!

Let's just say, it's one of the most supportive, pleasant gangs I've enjoyed entertaining and spanking, probably just about ever!

There was some great conversation, a breast-pumping demo, a burlesque dance, lots of gigling, and the demise of numerous cupcakes and little soda/champagne goodies.
Lady Regina, as usual, was lovely... We both had a very vintage, very feminine look that night.
Our company was a true pleasure, and when things started coming to an end around 11pm, I'll admit that We were a little sad. Ah well, there's always next month!

I'm sure I'll reminisce about our adventures and guests... more will be written about this fun little evening.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pompano Foot Party

Tonight I enjoyed chatting with some lovely ladies at a Foot/Shoe Worship party, held at Command Performance... I loved talking especially with the beautiful and sexy Goddess Infinity. To get some idea of her many charms, take a look! reeeeeeoooooooowwwwwrrrrrrr!!!