The one kind thing I'll do...

********is set you FREE...********
"Strong women intimidate boys, but excite men."
... let's have you dance for your mistress upon that deliciously blurry little line, and suffer the sweetest exhilaration of self-discovery.

A modest confession... I am a vampyre, an erotic priestess of the highest order, untouchable, sweet, condescending, aloof, quite adorable, elegant, demanding, sensually sadistic, and oh so amused by all the cutest weaknesses boys just like you find so compulsive and compelling.

As the head of a cult of carefully selected, vampyric priestesses and Our human property, I welcome new supplicants to join and feed Our ranks. Blood has no interest for us. No, we seek the energy connection of power exchange, of endless devotion expressed in the gesture of your lips to Our polished toenails, and the artistry of weaving the perfect web onto which your helpless limbs might cling everlastingly.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Honk if you Love Strap-ons

An except from a letter I wrote in September...
I just thought that a good vibe on my harness might make me really want to thrust even harder in an effort to get off. As it is, I psychologically get off on the power trip and physical exertion. I have a sadistic side that rears its head and travels through that dong to your semiwilling ass. In fact, I think this writing has me hot. Anyway, I know personally know quite a few women in the domme world, and have simply heard of others. By and large, strapon is something many of them endure. Dildos and strap on are my passion.