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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Fantasy Encounter with Miss Bella

A Veeeeerrrrrrrrrrry Naughty Story Follows...If you like it, contact me directly on either or email to I'll give you my number and we'll talk :)

From the lovely april, written 11/18/11
It is with great honor to provide these testimonial to Mistress Bella................

Sometimes the most memorable events in life just happen by chance.  Serving Mistress Bella is one of them.  I have to say it was by a stroke of great timing that I had the rare honor and greatest pleasure being in the good graces of Mistress Bella at Command Performance in Fort Lauderdale recently. 
I travel considerably because of my job.  So it has provided me a chance to meet many women who enjoy the company of a panty boy.  I knelt before some great mistresses, but my encounters with them pails to my recent experience I had with this wonderful Lady from south Florida. 
It resulted because of an unplanned business trip to Fort Lauderdale that had all the makings of being very hectic and stressful and my ongoing search to fulfill my fetish.  As usual, half of my suit is used for normal life attire, to make room for my feminine stuff. 
After several web searches I planned my evenings, fetish shopping, a TV show, and a visit to Command Performance.  I talked to the head mistress there and in our conversation my love for love feminization, tight bondage, sensory deprivation, nipple play, and CBT.  I had seen on their web site a heavy steel hood and mittens that were of interest.  I also indicated plans to arrive dressed for the occasion.  I was told that Bella was available.  No that was a strike of luck.  I had read of her liking for panty boys and on occasion she hosted Panty Boy Parties…. Now that sounded like such fun.
After arriving, was offered a seat to await her entrance.  I had seen pictures of her, the most intriguing Lady Bella with her trademark patch of blue hair.  But the pictures did not sufficiently convey this stunning South Florida Mistress that projects all the confidence in the world as she inters a room.  I could think of nothing but, drop to my knees and kiss her lovely feet as she stood over me.  She seemed somewhat surprised by my reaction as she commented that she was only in her street cloths.  I can guarantee you that Mistress Bella would make any outfit look great – even street cloths.
Bella complemented me on my outfit, a black dress with short hem and some ruffles on the sleeves.  I did feel good in it, even received a few hellos and long glances from some guys back at my hotel.  The years have not been kind to this old cd and I need all the help I can get.  So, maybe the low cut dress, its shortness, fishnets, and 6” pumps helped distract them and make me look a little passable. 
She also commented on the good job I had done with my make-up, thought some eye liner would help bring out my eyes.  After some fresh lipstick, it was time for a photo shoot.  Then on she ordered me up on an unusual bondage chair. So off came the dress and eagerly up on the chair I went.   It is designed so that there is not much to sit on, exposing my bottom.  My legs dangle over the side which keep me uncomfortably spread wide.  There was no way out after securing my wrists in some cuffs over my head.  At some point I mentioned that there were very few hard limits and that is all it took for Mistress Bella test those limits.  First she proceeded to take advantage of my exposed part body parts.  Suction cups on my nipples which helped distract me from the crop she used on my inner thighs and other items that were vulnerable. 
As time moved swiftly Mistress Bella honored my request of experiencing the steel hood.  It is considerably heavy so it was attached to a winch to balance the weight of this inescapable sphere.  The rest of the evening for me was in delightful darkness and my senses became more aware of every sound, touch, poke, and prodding that took place.  She did not seem surprised to find the string to my tampon, but soon used to telegraph deep inside me the buzz of a vibrator placed at the exposed end.  Soon I could hear the distinct movement of a heavy table which was slid in front of me, the feel of a hand on my leg as it was spread and tied to the table legs, the sound of the winch lowering my steel prison that was over my head until feeling to cold steel table top and completely bent over - exposed. Some lubricant and what felt like a plug.  Laying there I could only accept what was coming.  Soon the plug was removed and replace with something that felt larger, longer.  I could feel my Mistress’s pelvis up against my ass.  I was being fucked as the slut.  She was not rough, but was relentless.  She would pause slightly for a moment and then on again as before.  I had begged to be Mistress Bella’s slut and she has granted me that request.  I hope deeply that each time she paused was a sign that she had encountered as much pleasure as I had.
Soon it was time for me thank her properly for her valuable time.  Removed was the steel hood and mittens and off with my bounds. Mistress sat down and I was given the chance to thank her for all her attention by kneeling once again and smothering her slender soft feet with kisses.  
It was late by the time I was finally got back in my hotel room.  I truly consider myself very fortunate to have had this brief encounter with Mistress Bella.  The rings around my nipples from the suction cups and the red marks and bruises from the crop would eventually fade, but the memory of kneeling before this imaginative beauty, her wittiness, that light up the room smile, captivating eyes, and signature tuft of blue hair will be everlasting.  
Thank You Mistress Bella,
I hope that my travels take me to your again soon.
Humbly Yours,
New Orleans, LA.

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