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"Strong women intimidate boys, but excite men."
... let's have you dance for your mistress upon that deliciously blurry little line, and suffer the sweetest exhilaration of self-discovery.

A modest confession... I am a vampyre, an erotic priestess of the highest order, untouchable, sweet, condescending, aloof, quite adorable, elegant, demanding, sensually sadistic, and oh so amused by all the cutest weaknesses boys just like you find so compulsive and compelling.

As the head of a cult of carefully selected, vampyric priestesses and Our human property, I welcome new supplicants to join and feed Our ranks. Blood has no interest for us. No, we seek the energy connection of power exchange, of endless devotion expressed in the gesture of your lips to Our polished toenails, and the artistry of weaving the perfect web onto which your helpless limbs might cling everlastingly.

Monday, November 7, 2011

SISSY ADVENTURE! Direct from the sweet sissy, herself!

Mistress Bella,

Here is the reference I promised. Thank you again for everything. I hope you enjoy. It's a little long, but please feel free to shorten/edit as you wish. Please accept it as another tribute to you. You really did make my dreams come true. Your sissy, jane I am in complete awe and admiration of Mistress Bella after my “sissy slut adventure” session with her two nights ago. And as I sit here writing this review at my computer, kneeling, completely nude, body still smooth after being completely shaven for our session and nails painted a feminine red, I cannot thank Mistress Bella enough for one of the most wonderful nights of my life. By day, I am a 26 year old grad student who lives a very vanilla life. I am a complete novice to BDSM. While I’ve been dressing since I was 12, it has only been in the privacy of my own home. Never before would have I ever dreamed of visiting a professional dominatrix. I was too scared, way too shy and never really thought I wanted to be outside, dressed en femme. However, every moment which I spend thinking back on my session with Mistress Bella, I am so thrilled that I reached the decision to contact her. Through her mastery, she was able to show me how much I desired to be her sissy girl and taken out and paraded around by her for all to see. I contacted Mistress Bella online, knowing that I would be in the Fort Lauderdale area for a few days and after learning that she was an expert in feminization/sissification/gender play (which she definitely IS!). After my initial introductory email, she wrote back an incredibly detailed, genuine, and personal message that instantly made me feel very comfortable with her, while at the same time luring me closer to her web. This theme is a constant while serving Mistress Bella. She will make you feel comfortable and support you, while at the same time use your fears and deepest desires to mold you to her desire (and what you secretly desire as well). After a few messages, she graciously allowed me to contact her by phone and she spent a great deal of time just chatting with me, hearing of my fetishes and desires, and learning about me both as a submissive, a sissy and a person in general. Generally, I have difficulty trusting people, especially with such intimate and personal details of my life. However, when chatting with Mistress Bella, it felt like I was interacting with someone I knew my entire life. For any novices (or even experts) of BDSM out there, if you are looking for THE great experience that you have always dreamed of, I urge you to contact Mistress Bella for a session. Over the few days before my session, Mistress Bella allowed me to remain in constant contact with her to finalize the details of our session and provide added encouragement that “everything would be alright…” and that we would have “an interesting night and sissy adventure” changing her tone at the end of the sentence from completely supportive, to slightly sadistic and teasing. With every word she said, I only got more excited. The night of our session, Mistress asked me to shave my entire body and show up to the Dungeon with all of my clothes. I did so without hesitation. I’d never been to a Domme before, but there I was shaving away my masculinity. I was so excited to have the opportunity to serve her, I probably would have done almost anything to finally live my sissy fantasy. When I arrived at the Dungeon, I touched base with Mistress who was only a few minutes away. My heart was racing just by the sound of her voice, even though she was talking about Vanilla things. When Mistress Bella arrived and parked her car, I knew there was no turning back ( but there was no way I wanted to at this point anyway!). The door to her polished sports car opened and a black patent peep toe heel poked out first. As she closed the door to her car, I realized Mistress Bella was even more beautiful in person than her pictures (if that were even possible). She is in incredible shape and was wearing tight black spandex tights and a low cut tank top exposing her heavenly cleavage to complement her elegant and dazzling looks. I was hooked at first glance. “My you are a little petite thing, we will have some fun feminizing you,” she said to me when I approached, instantly putting me into sub space. But soon after, again, she wanted to reassure me that tonight was going to be fun, safe and everything I ever imagined (she was, of course, completely correct). When we entered the dungeon, there was a small private party of Dommes and subs enjoying the facilities. Mistress Bella casually introduced me to everyone (having warned me of this ahead of time and making sure I was ok with it), before we went into a private side room to begin our session. This is where Mistress Bella really confirmed my initial suspicion that not only was she incredibly beautiful, but she was also extraordinarily intelligent. She started by breaking down my masculinity, explaining why I had no right to be wearing the polo shirt that I had arrived in and making me admit that I was a sissy. She is so skillful in the psychological aspect of BDSM. She was able to take what she knew about me and get deeper into my mind to make me do whatever she wanted, but also convince/show me that I wanted it as well. This is the mark of a highly skilled Domme in my opinion. Many can dress the part, but Mistress Bella is dominant perfection! Within minutes, Mistress Bella had me stripped down to my bare, smooth and naked body. She commented as to how painting my toes for her, was a nice added touch, as I hadn’t been specifically instructed to do so. I felt humiliated, but at the same time somewhat proud knowing that I had pleased her. There I stood, completely exposed to my Mistress. For a few moments, she just had me stand there in silence. After a minute or so, she approached me and talked about how girlie I looked and asking what kind of man would ever do this to himself? Eventually, she got me to admit through perfect logic and eloquent diction that I wasn’t a man, but a sissy. She delicately grazed my nipples with her hands, before gently caressing the tip of my sissy clitty with her finger for but an instant, then rewarding me with a pleased, “Good girl, now we can begin!” With that confession now out in the open, Mistress Bella allowed me to dress. We opened my bag of clothing and she sorted through everything, commenting on how cute some of things were and what outfits she liked best. I was so thrilled to see someone appreciate my feminine style (as it obviously rarely happens being usually confined to my apartment when dressed). Yet, the humiliation aspect remained constant which only put me deeper in subspace. She, of course, also included some of the history of how panties came to be, to provide a basic education in femininity to my sissy side. First, Mistress Bella had me put on a pink, see-through nightie with matching, overly frilly pink sissy panties and a pair of 5 inch, black patent, Mary Jane high heels. I didn’t have any makeup or wig on at this point, but Mistress Bella walked over to the door to our private room opened it and proclaimed “Follow me outside, I’m going to show you off to everyone here.” I had never been dressed in front of anyone besides her (and a few girlfriends) up to this point. But now, with only a metaphorical leash and her beautiful manipulation, I found myself walking out the door. With my first footstep outside, I was met with catcalls from the Dommes, and complements from the male subs regarding my “sexy feminine legs, that most women would die for!” I was commended for how well I walked in my heels (and I had only ever walked a few steps in my apartment) and my feminine grace. It was like sissy overload!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Again, years and year of fantasizing and online searching and my dream was finally coming true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next, Mistress Bella had me change into a sissy bo-peep outfit complete with frilly corset, flowing sissy skirt, pink garter belt, white stockings topped with bows and my Mary Jane heels. I had also just purchased a Dorothy wig for Halloween that had pig tail braids with bows at the end. Again, once dressed Mistress Bella led me outside and ordered me to show off. However, before doing so, she “slutified” my outfit, by shortening my skirt and styling it in a creative way to expose my sissy panties and clitty. I was to be her “sissy doll.” Again, once outside, the Mistresses laughed at me and said that I most certainly was a sissy because “no woman would ever dress like that!!!!!!!!” Just when I thought the humiliation couldn’t get any worse, Mistress Bella said that dollies are made to be shown off. Instantly, two male slaves brought out a pink sissy dolly box that Mistress Bella said I would be posing on for all involved. She had me climb up onto the box in my heels and then proclaimed “Dollies don’t move, they just stand still and pose!” I immediately obeyed and Mistress Bella positioned me in a pose of her liking, with one hand on my hip and the other out delicately at my side. She commented, “You are a dolly, not a mannequin, just because your hands are still, doesn’t mean they can’t be flowing and feminine.” I tried to obey as best I could, while being mocked by the other Mistresses. I was also instructed to smile as big as I could, because “Dollies are always happy!” It is this incredible attention to detail that shows just how much of an expert Mistress Bella is in dealing with sissies. She always goes the extra distance and it shows! So there I was on display as a sissy dolly in a Bo Peep outfit in front of a room full of Mistresses on a big pink box. Couldn’t get anymore humiliating right?.................Wrong. Just when I thought Mistress would let me get down, she brought out a small vibrator and asked me “what is this?” When it was revealed that it was a vibrator, Mistress Bella again had me confess that no man would ever use a vibrator, they are only made for women. Using similar logic, she again got me to confess that since I obviously wasn’t a woman, I had to be a sissy. Again, Mistress Bella’s expertise in gender play is so incredibly top notch and I was complete putty in her hand at this point. “Now Dolly, lets see how well you can stay still.” With that challenge, Mistress Bella delicately pressed the vibrator to the front of my panties at the tip of my clitty. I let out a little moan, which the Mistresses in attendance commented was not very becoming of a dolly, as it shouldn’t be able to speak. “Maybe she is one of those robotic talking dollies” another of the Mistresses teased and with that I only moaned more, but knew that I dare not move. This constant teasing continued anytime I strayed from “Dolly mode,” whether I lost my smile for a second or looked at a Mistress making a humiliating comment of me. And yet, I held my position, knowing that it was pleasing Mistress Bella. In time, she allowed me to get off of the box and head back to the private room. She told me to take off the costume and had me stay in the wig, panties, stockings, garters and heels. Since my sissy titties were exposed, she allowed me to cover up and wear a frilly black and pink bra. And with that, it was time to prove what a slut I was. Mistress Bella had me kneel on the floor, while she went over to her bag and pulled out a massive black strap on that was at least 8 inches long complemented by its harness. As if that wasn’t enough of a tool to use on me, she pulled out a Hitachi wand vibrator. “Go sit on that bondage bench over there.” she ordered. And with that, my legs were being spread and bound to the corners of the bench. Like a complete slut, my clitty was completely exposed with legs spread wide and I was commanded to put my hands behind my back. Mistress teased me with the Hitachi which drove me wild. All the while I couldn’t stop thinking about what she was going to have me do with her cock. I had never done ANYTHING like this before, so I was curious, scared and excited as to what I was going to have to do next. Within moments, I was untied and ordered to go to the other side of the bench as it faced the mirror. “I want you to watch yourself being a sissy girl for me,” Mistress Bella seductively whispered into my ear. Sure enough, my legs were spread wide and I was using the Hitachi on myself as Mistress Bella coached me in my girlie moans and sissy sounds. With this incredible pleasure and living out my fantasy, Mistress Bella then got me to admit something that I didn’t even think I wanted to do, but I immediately confessed that I wanted to suck her cock! I was told to drop to me knees. I was allowed to continue using the vibrator on clitty, but my mouth was soon opened wide as Mistress shoved her cock into my throat. Originally, she started out very gently, commenting that it was my first cock and I should show her how much I enjoyed it. It was amazing how ingrained within me cock sucking was to me. Within seconds she began getting much rougher and started deriving a sadistic/sexual pleasure of her own by exerting such power over me. She deep-throated me to the point of gagging, sometimes holding her cock in deep until I was almost choking and had to force myself to struggle to break free. I could not believe how turned on I was by this! I felt humiliated and embarrassed but in such a comfortable and pleasurable mindset at the same time. It was pure bliss! “Do you think this is going to make you cum sissy?” she asked with an aggressive curiosity. “I don’t know Mistress.” I responded, just so blown away by everything. “Well, you don’t have permission to anyway!” she taunted as she gently laughed until announcing, “Alright sissy, enough of this. Time to take you out on the town! Let’s get you dressed!” With that, Mistress Bella had me dress in what another Mistress in attendance labeled as “street legal clothing,” which included a black push up bra, a short black cotton dress with red flowers that had a sash that tied in the back, black fishnet stockings, a pink garter belt and a pair of black thong panties that had better coverage over my “clitty,” along with the black Mary Jane heels. We also added a pair of extra long black satin gloves for that added formal touch. Mistress Bella had me kneel in front of her again as she delicately applied my eye makeup and lipstick, all the while helping to build my confidence up by saying how girlie I was starting to look and how much fun we were going to have. Again, her ability to blend sadism and support together in such an effortless and seamless way is such an incredible and appreciated skill. When we were finished, it was time take “sissy jane” as Mistress Bella would come to call me out for the first time. I still vividly recall my first journey outside with Mistress Bella leading me each step of the way. Oh, the feel the wind on my stockings, delicately blowing the skirt of my dress. It was so liberating!!!!!! A 14 year closeted sissy and I was finally outside! I almost wanted to cry from the happiness and achievement I felt, but I knew that this was only the beginning. We then got into Mistress Bella’s sports car and headed to the bars. Throughout our drive over Mistress and I discussed vanilla topics that would often be interrupted by Mistress making comments like “I wonder what people will think of the two lesbians driving around in this hot little car!” and delicately rubbing my glove or shoulder to provide both support and motivation. When we arrived at the first bar, I started getting a little nervous as we were parking the car. “Are you sure I am going to be alright Mistress?,” I asked with some trepidation? “You are going to be absolutely fine,” she answered with a tone that was both supportive but also matter of fact. It was almost as if she was ordering me to have a good time . And with that I took my first steps into a public bar as jane. Immediately, I got looks from the bouncer, while I did look sexy, it was obvious that I was not a woman, a sexy tranny perhaps, but having been an athlete my whole life, some things were a little hard to hide. Nonetheless both he and the bartender said “Good evening ladies,” which made me feel so comfortable and was so wonderful to hear mere moments after my arrival. We sat at the bar and were joined by two of the other Dommes that had been with us at the dungeon, the only difference was they were now in “street legal” clothes, as the latex and rubber had remained at the dungeon. And there we were, four “women” sitting at the bar, enjoying a drink and chatting about very Vanilla topics. At one point, Mistress said, “jane I need to go the ladies room…… and you will be joining me!” So yes, within minutes I was in a stall in the ladies room, sitting like a good girl to pee in a public restroom with my Mistress a few feet away in the next stall. We fixed our makeup and washed up before I was ordered out to refill the parking meters for all of the Mistress’ cars. Mistress Bella was kind enough to accompany me on this task, so that I wouldn’t feel too overwhelmed, which I was very grateful for. Sure enough, within steps of being outside of the bar, Mistress Bella and I were being hit on by two drunk men, one of whom we would learn was a porn star and on Fetlife (small world, giggles). He thought I looked very attractive and I blushed at his comment. Soon, we were walking towards the cars and Mistress Bella told me “Now sissy, don’t walk on the cobblestones, I don’t want my girl to fall, just follow me along the side of here.” Mistress was so protective of me and gave me so much confidence to be myself. She is not only an incredible Domme, but also an incredible person. As I refilled the meters, I realized that the Mistress’ cars were parked right in front of a restaurant with a big glass window, where all of the diners could watch my every move. Sure enough, many of them were! I cannot tell you how humiliated I was, but again, it was very liberating to say the least. I felt kinda protected by the glass and knew that Mistress Bella was there by my side. With each passing minute, I started developing more confidence in being the sissy that I was and felt such a great deal of comfort. After the meters were topped off, we headed into the Gay Bar next store. Immediately, we were introduced to two men who we learned were drag queens. They thought I looked so cute in my dress and asked me what my girl name was. I was so speechless, that Mistress Bella jumped in and said “her name is jane.” I blushed, with my cheeks completely red. With time and through our conversation, they learned that I was Mistress Bella’s sissy slave and would do whatever she asked of me. So when she said “raise your dress and stand still sissy!,” I did. Shortly thereafter one of the drag queens gave one delicate stroke to my sissy clitty with his index finger, before commenting, “Such a pure, clean, virgin sissy,” as he licked his finger and gave me a loving looked.” I felt so embarrassed, but this was only the beginning. Moments later, Mistress Bella whispered in my ear, “Go bend over that pool table in the corner sissy.” And there I was, bent over the table, with the skirt of my dress riding up to expose my panties. Mistress Bella folded my skirt up to expose my entire sissy ass. She then pressed her pelvis up against my ass like I was her slut, being fucked over her pool table and added to both my embarrassment and pleasure by reaching around me to fondle my sissy titties. In the past, I would have said that public humiliation was a limit of mine, but with Mistress Bella, I desperately wanted to go there and felt so comfortable doing so. Again, she made me realize that I enjoyed something I never would have imagined (mostly because I felt that the environment was controlled and safe). With my cheeks blushing red, the Dommes and I bid the drag queens farewell and headed to the diner to grab a bite to eat. A new setting dressed as a sissy again offered new challenges. This wasn’t a bar, it was your regular, run of the mill diner, open 24 hours with tons of vanilla people in it. Yet again, Mistress Bella provided the support. She allowed me to sit on the inside of the booth and constantly rubbed her hand on my stocking-clad leg or glove and told me how proud of me she was and how beautiful I looked. The support really helped get me through it all, as I was getting many looks from some of the other patrons. Yet, my confidence continued to grow as I ordered eggs when the waitress came around. Turns out, there were many interesting people in the diner that night (and Mistress knew this as she often frequented the establishment). The Dommes themselves were drawing quite the audience from some of the conversations they were having, that I was almost a second thought. However, a sissy privileged enough to be in the presence of Dommes for such a kinky discussion never discloses details without permission. Thus, I will refrain from including them here. After about an hour, we left the diner and Mistress Bella and I got back into her car to head back to the dungeon to change me back into my male self. On the ride back, we discussed the night and just everything that took place. It was such a nice way to end the evening. However, little did I know that evening was not yet over…. When we re-entered the Dungeon, Mistress Bella said, “Take off your dress and let’s get you changed.” However, I would learn that she meant that this was two separate activities. I had removed my dress and was there in bra and panties, heels and stockings when Mistress mentioned that her feet were hurting her. I asked if there was anything I could do help and she answered that I would be giving her a foot massage. It was now 5am (we had started our session at 10pm). There I was having never done any BDSM before, and now I was kneeling on the floor of a dungeon, in lingerie, giving Mistress a foot massage. She gave me some pointers on how to skillfully provide the foot massage and I couldn’t help but feel very honored to be able to massage Mistress’ heavenly feet. To provide added encouragement, Mistress started using whichever foot I wasn’t massaging to tease and taunt me, by grazing it against my sissy nipples, running it across the outside of my panties and gently pressing down on my sissy clitty. The ambience was again shifting to a very erotic, personal and intimate mood as Mistress told me how good of a girl I was all night, as I kneeled there, massaging her feet and looking up with puppy dog eyes at my owner. I could have stayed like that all night. And just when I thought Mistress was going to say it was time for our session to come to an end, she surprised me again. “Well sissy, you’ve been so good, why don’t you start playing with your clitty and I’ll let you cum on one condition….If you promise to eat it…. Why do you need to eat it? Well, you’re a girl… and guys expect girls to eat cum!” Again, she had used logic to manipulate me to her will. I hate eating cum, absolutely despise it (tried my own once), but nonetheless, I obviously agreed!” And with that, I was now frantically rubbing my clitty to please my Mistress. Still kneeling in lingerie, still being teased by delicate grazes of her foot and I was in pure ecstasy. Time was slowing down and it was a moment I never wanted to end. It only continued to get better as Mistress slid closer towards me, reached into the cups of my bra, and grabbed my delicate sissy nipples with her fingers. She started to caress, twist and squeeze as I began to moan uncontrollably (my nipples are exquisitely sensitive, and without my even disclosing that information, Mistress was able to figure that out). As I began to get more excited, Mistress noticed the pre-cum dripping from my sissy clitty. As it lubricated my hand and I continued to rub, Mistress enthusiastically commented “oooh, listen to those wet pussy sounds,” which started pushing me over the edge. “Now,” she said, “Good girls, with wet pussies, cum on command for their Mistress as a sign of respect.” To which I replied and repeated in a soft, whispered tone, “Yes Mistress, I want to be a good girl for you.” To which she challenged, “Good, show me.” On my knees, I looked up and locked eyes with her. Her face only a few inches from mine, she continued to control me like a puppet through my nipples as I started bouncing and moaning in ecstasy. Soon, I heard Mistress say “20, 19….” And by the time I realized she was counting down, her cadence sped up and within only a few seconds she was down to “5……” I bounced, moaned, felt her grasp of my nipples, jerked my clitty frantically before having the most mind blowing orgasm I’ve ever had just as she got to “1.” I fell to the floor completely spent and looked up at Mistress. “Good sissy, you’ve made me very happy, now live up to your end of the deal….” And I did. I licked up my cum like the whore that I was. Hell, I devoured it. I hated every second of it, especially the taste. I felt humiliated. I could not believe I was doing this in front of another person. But I was overcome with wanting to please Mistress Bella to no end. I needed to give myself to her unconditionally and obey her orders. She had orchestrated the perfect scenario. She learned who I was, what I needed and how to get me to do it. She was my master and I was her helpless and loyal slave. And yet, I loved every minute of it. In the past, when after I had cum, I would lose all interest in being a sissy, but tonight was entirely different. I felt at excited, I felt alive and I felt an overpowering calmness come over me. Never in my life had I felt this way, but this is how Mistress Bella, the best Mistress I could have ever imagined had made me feel… All I could think about doing was pleasing her to no end and I would not stop until otherwise. With that, I changed and we began to say our goodbyes. I thanked her immensely for making a 14 year old dream come true and she commended me for taking the steps to do so. For anyone reading this, Mistress Bella is the most incredible Domme I could have ever imagined. Whether sissy/crossdresser or fetish slave of any other nature, Mistress Bella is OUTSTANDING, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, UNIQUE, GORGEOUS, POWERFUL, INSPRING, MANIPULATIVE and HIGHLY SKILLED IN HER CRAFT. If you need your fantasy to come true, I have no doubt you will be happy in your service to her. I would be happy to discuss my experience with any curious slaves who are considering serving Mistress Bella and provide a great reference either in chat or by skype/yahoo messenger. She is perfection through and through and that is why I wrote such a thorough summary of our session as a tribute to her amazingness. Every word of this is true and I hope that you are able to experience your own fantasies in the unforgettable and matchless presence of Mistress Bella.

curtsey, sissy jane

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