The one kind thing I'll do...

********is set you FREE...********
"Strong women intimidate boys, but excite men."
... let's have you dance for your mistress upon that deliciously blurry little line, and suffer the sweetest exhilaration of self-discovery.

A modest confession... I am a vampyre, an erotic priestess of the highest order, untouchable, sweet, condescending, aloof, quite adorable, elegant, demanding, sensually sadistic, and oh so amused by all the cutest weaknesses boys just like you find so compulsive and compelling.

As the head of a cult of carefully selected, vampyric priestesses and Our human property, I welcome new supplicants to join and feed Our ranks. Blood has no interest for us. No, we seek the energy connection of power exchange, of endless devotion expressed in the gesture of your lips to Our polished toenails, and the artistry of weaving the perfect web onto which your helpless limbs might cling everlastingly.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Did everybody get what they wanted for Christmas this year?

It so happens that my partner in crime, Lady Monica, and I were lurking about out of down again the day after Xmas. This was for a session originally, but soon descended into a type of debaucherous playtime of which only she and I together are ever capable. 

The real show happened when one of my pets came by. You know him as my pet Piggy.

Now, Pig isn't a small boy by any means. Overindulgence is his middle name. 
At the point were that little knock emanated from our hotel room door, I was standing there, behind Monica and possibly even visible anyone coming down the hall, in my favorite sort of attire: a pair of black lace hotpants, a mesh, off the shoulder little top, and a strapon harness equipped with a nicely sized gunmetal gray dong. He walked in, almost trembling with anticipation and caught a proper glance of the two of us. It was probably a sight to behold.

So, we shall fast forward a bit, past all the small talk, past the unveiling of a big purple jelly dong from some nearby sex shop, past Monica having to take some rope and create a harness for her long and veiny flesh colored dildo.... yes, we'll fast forward to the part where Pig was on his knees, being fed a dildo that slipped easily down his throat. The entire thing was engulfed in seconds. I ground it in there, pushing as far as it would go. Monica's eyes were wide. She saw what you could do to a person...what a human throat could handle if properly motivated. I pulled his head back and spat across his face. It was getting quite hot. 

"And now, dear Pig, it's time for you to suck Monica!"

His mouth gripped her dong like a hungry calf and the sucking resumed. I stood behind him and pushed forward hard, rhythmically pumping his head on it. I'd pull it off and back every so often to stare into his now glassy eyes and spit on his now wet face. There was all kinds of drool and goo over our dongs, keeping them wet and lending a slightly revolting note to what was at hand. Next, Pig was on his back on the bed, with his head hanging off the edge on a soft yellow Marriott blanket, and as we took turns face fucking him with our strap ons. Drilling down deep is my passion. I wanted that thing deep in his throat. I discovered that Monica is so short without her heels, she had only to straddle his head between her soft thighs and do a little squat to fuck his face like some kind of pussy. The entire thing was indescribably hot to watch. 
Then, we switched it up and she had her small, curvy little body on top of him. Her knees were on either sides of his ears, sandwiching his head right there between her tanned legs, and her amazing, round, plump Brazilian ass peeked out towards me from under her bubblegum pink panties. It was perched up there, right on his broad chest, in a position where she could almost ride his face. But no, that's NOT what was going on. Monica was doing something else in the catbird seat.

"LOOK, I have my whole hand in his mouth!"
"Really? hahahaha I'm sure you can get it in there!"
"NO REALLY! Come look!"

This led me from my view of her ass to something quite awesome and unexpected. Apparently, Pig sucks just enough dick, and Monica's hands were just small enough to get that little hand and wrist of her jammed deep down in his throat. It was buried deep, up past her wrist. And he looked like the happiest red-and-purple-faced man in the whole wide world. 

I loved it. He told her she could push harder... and just when I thought he was trying to tap out, in fact, he wanted it deeper. Thrusting and pulsing forward with all that weight in her hot little body, she dilated his throat like some kind of fuck hole, with that sweet little munchkin hand her her, so soft and so well manicured, invading his skull like something out of an alien horror movie. She was slowly getting in there, opening him up, getting deep inside him. 

It was all too much! She and I were at this point laughing like maniacal harpies while sounds of his sucking, rattling, and gasping filled the silence of the room. We looked down at that mouth of his stretched around that petite wrist. We watched his eyes bugged out as they were, and his face change various colors. It crossed my mind for a moment, just a moment, that perhaps we shouldn't kill him. Perhaps we should at least have a plan if he died. An autopsy would reveal all those throat bruises. The room was in her name. But it was so much fun.

"Why don't you give him a little of your cock, Monica!?!"
"Oh, I tink I weeeeel!"

If the first show wasn't swell enough, then she got that cock of hers, maybe 10 inches long, rubbery, and very friendly, right into his mouth. Now THIS gentle reader, was the best part of the show. 

She was up there, with the globes of that ass and those bubble gum panties, right up in his face. She's such a good girl, I often think to myself. Such a good girl that she's had to endure enough cock, both physical and metaphorical, that she channels that bombardment of cock outwards on men. 

He opened his mouth and the show began. All I could see was that ass working on top of his chest...she was digging deep into his face with her dong, hunched over like a lust driven animal. Her hand was on it, forcing it to bend on in there, keeping it in place, while she went at him with deep, jerking, little thrusts. She was adorable, and the sounds of male cock strangulation, the noise of spit, flesh slapping, and bubbling slobber bathed the room. 

She almost screamed it. So much for our neighbors!
Her voice was filled with a rough and powerful was an almost insane moment, as this tiny woman with the big round ass hunched over and dog humped into the throat of this huge wide man with her dong, wildly assaulting his throat and wildly attacking him verbally at the same time. Her tremendous breasts were spilling out of her top, and his face was exploring new shades of the color wheel. Her body jerked and lunged forward while his struggled to buffet the thrusting throat assault. The moment was, to say the least, incredible.

Now, we all know that this is just the beginning of a great little adventure. We all know where a tale of two women with strapon dongs and a male victim will inevitably go. However, I fear that it's time for me to get a little work done, so we'll have to report on the rest later.

I hope all of you got exactly what you wanted for the holidays. I know Pig did :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

BELLA DEMONELLA and LADY MONICA: Strap-on DoubleTrouble

Have you ever noticed how being out of one's hometown does strange things to people? Or, maybe, given the fact this story is about Lady Monica and myself...ahem...heheh... not so strange. 

It was Saturday. We were on a little trip together to catch an event, and figured maybe we could toss in a session if any of normal people were available and up for a little fun. Thus, it seemed perfectly natural to get a hotel room, especially since driving home even just a fifty miles can be grueling after a full day.

So, here we were, way on up in Palm Beach County, our event behind us, feeling good, and having a rather awesome girl's night out. Now, I'll take the tiniest of moments tell you that anytime Monica and I get together, crazy things happen. There's something about her sense of humor, curvy and top heavy little Brazilian body, and lust for adventure that intermingles with everything about me... we're not just a sum of our parts, but rather, we're naughtiness exponentially multiplied. We're the two baddest, wildest, hottest, and most delectably adorable bitches of badness your dreams could creamily concoct. I'm sorry. It's just the truth. When we're together, really good, really bad things happen. *smile*

Anyway, here we were sipping cocktails in a loud dark club, and as always, looking for a little je ne sais qua to spice up the night. Boys kept coming up in waves, usually at first getting a look at one and then both of us and trying their luck. We were surrounded at moments and yes, we were screening them for all kinds of purposes. Some might be future subs. Some might be toys for the moment. This is what we do. It's a bit like any vampire movie and Monica and I were thirsty for action. 
Now, this was a place where gothy and industrial types of people go, and unusual appearances are not so unusual. We couldn't help but notice that, among all the cute and groovy people there, was one rather shy, rather quiet, just slightly uncomfortable woman alone at the bar. She sipped her pink elixir and kept entirely to her self, gloved hands carefully crossed over one another, legs tightly crossed, impeccably and perhaps rather stiffly postured, in a high necked and rather satiny black sheath dress. Her hair, a sandy mix of light brown and honey blonde locks, hung down far enough to brush against the top of her angular shoulders. I found my eyes gravitating her way, and I took it all in just long enough to avert my glace before she really caught me. 


Friday, December 9, 2011

Adult Sinema get's more Features!

Yes, that's right: MORE added to ADULT SINEMA.

SIGH, is my life really

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thought of the Day: ASS ANCHOR: Being a Wallflower

My Grissly Grizzly Navy Destroyer Piggy Pet called today and couldn't help but bring up something he had seen in the most recent episode of American Horror Show, a new series on FX. In it, someone used a locking anal stretcher.

Let's think for a second, just a second about what immediately flashed into Bella's imagination:
A speculum like device. Stainless steel, mechanical.... smooth prongs that open and stay open. Prongs that LOCK open, to keep a slavie breached. I want to breach your ass like the hull of a ship and sink your will to escape. My stretcher would have a ring, onto which I would padlock a chain, securely anchored to the wall. The key, my darling, would be neatly and tantalizingly hung just beyond the grasp of my captive.

I usually have this fantasy with my captive chained to the wall by means of lock around his balls, though this, I fear, is even better :)

I want to anchor the whole thing to a kitchen island. I want to keep you in that kitchen, your ass getting wider so as to take my big rubber cock later, and keep you conveniently close to all your chores of washing dishes and making cocktails for my friends. This would be a fine application for a sissy, who's locking stilettos and corset could be part of the necessary modification. Sissy slaves require modification in order to break them down and deprive them of their original gender identity. I've discovered that once physically modified, they begin to accept their lot in life very readily. Once the anus is loosened and they are never allowed to cum without it stretched and filled, they're less troubled by the cock traffic that uses their holes and helps pay for their upkeep. However, in the process of getting them to the point of abandon, they may attempt to escape... my darling, it's time to accomplish the modification of your body whilst we destroy your will and keep you conveniently at hand for your duties. Bring me the ASS ANCHOR!

[[[NOW, if you should actually bring me the ass anchor, I'll give you either an extended session, or two one and a half hour sessions. If you know anything about tribute and prodommes, you know what a magical bargain this is. ]]]