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is offer a little insight on what goes on in My devious world, for all those who seem so hungry for the table-scraps. I am a South Florida Dominatrix. I have a particularly wild life, in and out of the dungeon. If contacting ME has become a compulsion which you can no longer resist, send email to, or find me as GoddessBella on for more pics, and see whether you can arrange an opportunity to try and be OWNED by ME. After an initial email or two to see if we're a good fit, I'll provide you with my phone number to talk and see what you have to say for yourself!

Yes, as wild as these stories are, they are ALL based on real encounters. I ONLY write with approval of the other participants and/or in a way as to maintain total anonymity. They are REAL, though. I may be one of the wildest women around, and frequently find myself thinking that my adventures are too good to keep entirely to myself!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


To all the slaveyboys who wonder "oooooh which party shall i choose??? several options and i wonder where oh where i shall play this month!"

There is only ONE PRIVATE PARTY IN TOWN that is the playground for top, independent dommes. I very proudly don't run a cathouse of girls chasing a dime in a mini session, and your door fee isn't there just to give you the opportunity to sadly discover that when you get into my party, the fun doesn't begin without buying something else. This party, from the perspective of the gentle observer to the CFNM aficionado, the bdsm player, the eager slaveboy, the connoisseur of fine dommes worldwide, is the ONLY place to be, and slaves fly and drive in from the Southeast US for this very reason.

So, to be specific, OTHER PARTIES take your door fee merely to LET YOU IN, but that dynamic is not OURS.

on the other hand....
WE SELL YOU AN INCLUSIVE TICKET because we INTEND TO STRIP YOU OF YOUR PANTS THE MOMENT YOU WALK IN OUR REALM, leaving you naked and quivering, rock hard and excited, on display and in our hands for up to a full 3 or 6 hours. We sell you a ticket because pants-less slaveboys do not buy minisessions, do NOT TIP, and are deprived of the right and deprived of the autonomy. YOU ARE OUR SLAVEBOY! OUR PET, PROPERTY, AND PLEASURETOY, in Our experienced hands, under Our gorgeous feet, and there only as slaveboys, to behold what We show you, and to show Us what you may to make Us smile. MANY tip on the way out, overwhelmed and impressed by the experience, but this is by no means expected. It IS appreciated, and goes directly to the sizzling hot ladies, foxes, grande-dommes, young vixens, man-trainers, and man-eaters who come in for 6 hours to tease, toy, play, laugh, scold, train, meet, and feast upon the nude and vulnerable pets before them.


has come by for a lovely visit and quite interested in Our event. We have a confirmation and She is eager to meet Our pets and boys. 

Can you handle meeting such a Domme? Basking in Her divine glow? When you bring Her refreshments, and gaze Her way, just for an instant, cock hard and hands trembling, how will you feel?

Indeed, She has traveled the world, and will have absolutely no problem owning you with the snap of her gorgeous fingers or the bat of an eyelash.